Shock Tube

Counter Driver Shock Tube (CD-ST)


This shock tube has an square cross section and can generate counter shock wave using two driver section, so called “Counter Driver Shock Tube”. Pressure transducer is able to install every 10 cm distance at the test section tube. Also test section has BK-7 windows for visualization. Currently, we conduct shock-turbulent interaction and shock-jet/wake interactions. Details of the counter-driver shock tube can be found in the following article:

T. Tamba, T. M. Nguyen, K. Takeya, T. Harasaki, A. Iwakawa, A. Sasoh “Counter-Driver Shock Tube,” Shock Waves 25, 667-674 (2015). doi: 10.1007/s00193-015-0594-z


Cross section: 120 mm x 120 mm,

Length: Approximately 14 m

Diaphragm rupture method: Pneumatic cylinder

Shock Tube (cross section: 62 mm x 62 mm)

small shock tube

Test section has an 62mm×62mm square cross section. Measurement of pressure with pressure transducers on the wall and visualization through acryl window have been done.


Cross section: 62 mm x 62 mm,

Length: Approximately 3 m

Diaphragm rupture method: Pneumatic cylinder