Please Use the Subway to Attend ALL the Symposium Related Events

ISSW31 Organizing Committee highly recommends all participants to use subway to attend the ISSW31, join the banquet, and watch the Grand Sumo Tournament.

Please buy Non-Registered ("Mukimei") Manaca card to use the subway.

Manaca Card

Manaca is an IC train card you can purchase at stations of Subway, Meitetsu (including Central Japan Intl Airport Station), and local JR lines.

500 Yen deposit is required upon purchase.

The deposit will be reimbursed at any station.

Please be careful that the amount left in Manaca card will not be reimbursed.

manaca card

One-Way Fares to come to Nagoya Daigaku Station

  • From Nagoya: 270 Yen.
  • From Sakae: 240 yen.
  • From Yagoto: 200 yen.

Japanese PDF to show to the station attendant:

  • 1) to buy Manaca

  • 2) to get reimbursed

  • How to buy and charge Manaca

    Manaca Machine Screen
    • 1. Please find Manaca vending machines at stations

    • 2.Please press "English" at the bottom right of the screen.

    How to use Manaca at the subway

    • 1. At the wicket, please simply touch manaca on the blue card reader.

    • 2. After getting off the subway, please touch the card on the card reader again. The fare will be driven from the card.

    manaca wicket
    At the Wicket

    How to use Manaca on the bus

    Please touch it to the bus fare box when you get on. The fare is always 210 yen.

    Manaca can be used for payment at any stations, buses, shops and vending machine that have this mark.

    IC mark

    More information about Manaca